Seneca Block, MA, MT-BC

University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network


Seneca Block is a board certified music therapist and Expressive Therapy Program Manager within University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network where he implements music therapy into standard health care models including both general medical and psychiatric settings.

With a history of clinical training within institutions including Horizons for Homeless Children, Tufts Medical Center and Mclean Psychiatric Hospital of Harvard Medical School, Seneca received both his master's and bachelor’s degrees in music therapy from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Building upon a strong background of program development, Seneca has advised several major medical music therapy programs across the US as well as served on leadership panels both nationally and internationally throughout the recent pandemic.

His current focus is on researching the impact of music therapy on anxiety reduction in patients, community, and staff members via trauma informed care treatment approaches program models.